B.P. LeGault - Singer, Musician, Songwriter and Composer

Hailing from the dilapidated streets of urban Detroit, B.P. has always created music as a form of relating to and escaping from city life. His early musical years led him to recording and performing in bands Elan Bane and DIK in the 1990's and was known as the next Iggy Pop due to his outlandish and destructive self abuse during live performances that often included rolling around in broken glass, fracturing his teeth on microphones and severely bruising his body countless times stage diving during the times of a thriving underground punk scene in Detroit. "Some people have old sports injuries, I have old punk rock injuries." - B.P.

B.P. decided to go solo in 1999 and released Gomorrah's Symphony which was supported by a year of performances. By the end of 1999 B.P. was suffering from severe depression that stemmed from a self identity crisis which resulted in him becoming a studio hermit and avoiding public performances permanently. His last performance was at Detroit's Gold Dollar in December of 1999 where B.P. performed with a high fever due to influenza and nearly passed out on stage. "I was swaying back and fourth and starting to slur while singing. My guitar strumming was getting overly dramatic and the stage lights burned like kaleidoscopic heat lamps. I couldn't wait to finish and leave the venue. Performing ill while having anxiety issues about performing was overwhelming. I just couldn't do it anymore."

B.P. spent years experimenting with different sounds in the studio and released 7 full length recordings in numerous genres such as belly dance, dark wave, spiritual, dark industrial, electro punk and neurotic pop. 

His love for sound is vast. From avant garde noise to the lush strings of symphony and an obsession with latin, tribal, ethnic percussion and belly dance music. 

Currently, B.P. is in the studio recording his 8th full length record which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2020. "I've been writing a lot of upbeat spacey electronic tracks, experimenting with a theremin and working with hand drums."

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