B.P. LeGault's obsession with mannequins began in 1998 while composing songs for his first solo release Gomorrah's Symphony (released 1999). "I was writing with a guitar, playing and singing every night all alone in front of a fire place. I started to imagine I was playing in front of an audience of mannequins and felt comforted. Like I wasn't alone anymore. And to me, I wasn't." Months later a friend gifted B.P. a few mannequin heads and the obsession swelled up like a pregnant womb. From then on LeGault started to collect female mannequins of every size, shape, and color. His obsession had grown into an addiction. He had become a full fledged agalmatophiliac. A person obsessed with all aspects of mannequins. And in 2011 he released his 6th full length record titled "My Quirky Valentine" (B-Bomb Music2011) which was a dark poetic story about a love affair with a mannequin. That obsession had been accompanied by B.P. creating many music videos for the record with his favorite mannequin's and a blossoming expression of LeGault photographing mannequins at his photography studio and displaying his mannequin themed photographs at many Detroit art events including the Detroit Erotica Ball, The Dirty Show, and countless others since 2012. "I freaked out in 2016 and took all of the mannequins displayed throughout my residence and locked them up for a few months. I was blaming them for being antisocial. Things are more balanced now. The mannequins are sprinkled here and there at home, some in seasonal attire and some naked. I'm okay if friends come by for dinner and see them now. I'm okay with my neighbors knowing I have them too. That is a big step to coming out with my addiction." View B.P.'s mannequin photos at and his videos at

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